John the Baptist

Today we are doing our devotion differently.  Instead of focusing on a scripture we will look the characteristics of John in a more topical format.


1.        John practiced self denial.                                                               Matt 3:4

2.       He was a man of courage.                                                  Matt3:7 and 14:4

3.       He was obedient to the cause he was given.                  Matt 3:15

4.       John was a powerful preacher.                                         Mark 1:5

5.       He was man of humility.                                                      Mark 1:7 & John 1:19-13

6.       He had a burning zeal.                                                        John 5:35

7.       He was honoured by Christ.                                               Matt 1:11 & Luke 7:24-27

8.       John did not do any miracles.                                            John 10:41

9.       He suffered martyrdom at the hands of Herod.             Matt 14:10


There will always be a price for righteousness but the rewards always outweigh the price.