John’s receipe of the day – DAY 1

Here is Life Talk with Wade Sorochan guest host John Berry recommended receipe of the day.

John’s Cajan Prawns – DAY 1

1/2 – 2 pounds – Shrimp, peeled and deveined (Any size)

1 – small to medium sized onion (purple is recommended for color)

2 tsp – Cooking Oil

1-2 tsp – Cajan Spice (Club House has a nice blend)

1 oz – Grand Marnier (Optional – adds a nice flavor with the Cajan Spices.  Please note if cooking over a gas burner this WILL light on fire.  Please use caution when dealing with flame)

1 – Saute Pan


Cook at Medium heat.  Put the cooking oil in the saute pan and add finely diced onions and cook for 1 minute.  Add shrimp to pan and cook.  Once cooked flip and add the Grand Marnier (Optional – if using Grand Marnier when flame is going sprinkle on the Cajan Spices, this creates a nice sparkle on the shrimp.)  Add Cajan Spices and Mix.  Cook Well and enjoy!