Joseph and Nicodemus

Jesus’ Burial – John 38-42   Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus asked for the body of Jesus.  In the other gospels it was Joseph but John clarified that Nicodemus was also involved as well.  They took the body and prepared it with 75 pounds of spices.  The same amount that would be used to bury a King.  Very fitting because Jesus was and is the King of the Jews.  They wrapped His body in clothes of linen in accordance to Jewish customs.  They would then place Jesus in a tomb in the garden where Jesus was crucified.  The tomb had never been used.  Other gospels say it was Joseph’s tomb.  The reason they did this was because it was the Day of Preparation and they Sabbath was almost upon them.  It mostly was because of convenience that they did this.  This is significant because it clarifies the location of the empty tomb.  In Jerusalem there are two tombs where Jesus is supposed to have been laid.  There is the traditional one located by Helen Constantine’s mother and the Garden Tomb located by General Gordon.  The issue is not where He was laid but the fact that the tomb is empty because even though His burial and how it was done is significant.  What is more important is that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive.