Judging righteously

Psalm 9:4 – Judging righteously

     This is a Psalm of David.  David starts off by praising the Lord and then thanking the Lord for who He is and what He has done.  Now in our verse today, David is grateful to the Lord because the Lord upheld His right and His cause.  David felt that His rights had been violated.  He had been wrong and brought His case before the Lord.  When we are hurt the first place we must bring it to is the Lord.  He will show how to love and forgive.  Then we must commit it to the Lord for Him to work things out.  Time and time again I have done this and seen God`s resolution.  Asking the Lord to help immediately brings divine help and justice.  Jesus told us that we to let the Lord be the avenger and judge.

     David saw the Lord in this instant sit on His throne.  The sovereignty and authority of God was brought into the situation and God made a righteous judgment on the part of David.  David though had his part o play.  He had to be willing to love and forgive.  He had to make sure his attitudes, motives and heart was right.  Forgiveness is keep to any victory over hurt and pain.  When you forgive you release yourself from the person or situation.  Youa slo cancelled the legal ground the devil may try to exercise.  David saw God`s justice and you will as well.  Just keep your heart right.