July 14 – God keeps His promises – Psalm 88:34-37


This is such a powerful psalm for it speaks about how God will keep His word.  The Lord says that He

will not violate any covenant or promise that He makes.  He swears by His holiness.  There is no lying, or

impurity in the Lord.  He is holy, righteous and truthful.  The Lord will not lie to David or us.

Here is the promise.  David`s line with endure forever.  Jesus was to come from this line and He is

now Savior and Lord.  This was a promise to Israel and to us.  Jesus came the first time as the suffering

Savior but when He returns He will come as the King of Kings and Lord of Lord`s.  David’s throne will

endure before the Lord like the Sun.  Scientists tell us the Sun has about another billion years left

before it burns out.  Long time when you think about it.

Ethan closes off with the fact that as long as the moon and sky endure so will the Lord’s promise to

David.  God will keep His promises as well to us.  Today whatever you need the Lord will supply.  He will

keep you in perfect peace.  He is trustworthy so today keep your eyes on Him for as long as creation

endures so shall His promise to you.