July 18 – The Fowlers Snare – Psalm 91:3-4


July 18 – The Fowlers Snare – Psalm 91:3-4


This psalm reminds us that in the protection and safety of the Lord we will be escape the snares and

attacks of the enemy.  The world, the flesh and the devil are our enemies and they attack in different

ways.  The world uses, pleasure, passion and possessions.  The devil uses, accusation, temptation and

deception.  The flesh uses the five senses and pride.

In the Lord we have protection, help strength, guidance and hope.  The Lord will keep you, shield

you, lift you up and be faithful to you.  Augustine said, “Waiting for the Christian is a great city.  Till

then the Lord promises to protect, keep and shield you.”  You will find Him faithful today.