July 19 – No fear – Psalm 91:5-7


David reminds his readers that you do have to walk in fear.  The attack could come in the night,

morning, midday and evening.  Whatever form it comes you will not have to fear.  It could be pestilence,

plague, accusation, temptation and deception.  It will fail.  People may be falling all around.  The world

may seem to be breaking apart but it will not overcome, overwhelm  or destroy you.  In fact these

things will not even come near you. I am so glad for the Lord.  We will overcome, we win conquer, we

will be the winner and victor.  He promises abundance and the overflow.  Like the old song says, “Here is

my cup, I lift it up.”  When we seek the Lord with all our heart and the righteousness He brings the

promise is that He will add all things to us today.  So seek Him and have victory over fear and be a

person of abundance.