July 22 – Vignettes on Prayer

In this snap shot on prayer we are talking about the most important role in prayer which is intercession. Intercession is speaking to God on behalf of others. This is highest and most powerful form of prayer. It is not about you it is about others. When you are praying for others you are battling for them on behalf of them. You are telling all the forces lined against those you are praying for that you are not letting them gain the victory. You are fighting for souls. Abraham fought for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah even though they did not deserve it. Samuel fought for Saul’s soul. I cannot emphasize this responsibility. Pat Boone said, “If we do not pray God will hold us accountable.” Most people who you pray for may never pray for themselves. You are like Eliazer when he stood between the living and the dead when the judgment of God was falling upon the Israelites. If you do not pray they may perish.