July 26 – They will flourish – Psalm 92:12-15


The righteous will flourish is the promise.  The psalmist uses the illustration of a palm tree that

grows like a cedar of Lebanon.  The cedars in Lebanon were mighty and strong.  They will be planted in

the house of the Lord and will flourish in the courts of the Lord.  Life in the spirit is one of abundance

and growth.

The righteous will bear fruit long past when fruit is suppose to grow.  They will stay green and fresh.

Life will be constant, stable and strong in the midst of old age.  We saw this in the lives of Moses,

Abraham and Daniel.  Each man was strong and fruitful well into their twilight years.  You are never to

old to be used of God.

These lives will proclaim the Lord is upright.  We are lighthouse and mirrors for the Lord.  We show

His light and life to a dark and perishing world.  He is our rock and there is no wickedness in Him.  The

Lord is our source of light, life, fruitfulness and abundance at any age.