July 27 – The Lord reigns – Psalm 93:1


The Psalmist writes to important facts.  The Lord reigns.  He is supreme and in control.  No one is like

God.  Heaven and earth were created by Him and for Him.  It was out of love that He made all things.  He

Is the creator and sustainer of all things.  He is the reason why we breathe and think.  Next, the Lord is

Robed in majesty.  Majesty means greatness or one who brings admiration and respect.  The Lord has all

These qualities and more.  He is beyond description in fact to wonderful for words.

The Lord is armed with strength.  No one is mightier or more powerful than God.  He is omnipotent.

One quality about the creation He made is that it is firm established and cannot be moved.  The law and

order He created cannot be suspended or changed.  Only the Lord Himself can do that.  These are things

that all creatures in God’s creation can be sure of and that the Lord is the same yesterday, today and

forever.  You can trust the Lord with your past, present and future.