July 29 – My Anxiety – Psalm 94:14-15

July 29 – My Anxiety – Psalm 94:14-15


These two verses are so great for those going through hard times.  The psalmist says that when he

felt like life and was slipping out of control.  When He felt that he was about to fall.  When his anxiety

and fear level was at an all time high that is when the love of God came into support Him.  When we

have conflict and war going on in our minds that is when the consolation, comfort, righteousness and

peace of the Lord flood in.  In 1 Pet 5:7 we are reminded to cast all our cares on Him for He cares for us.

Jesus has promised peace so in this moment receive His peace.  Jesus promised that if we come to

Him with our burdens He will take them and carry them.  In this moment as you start your day give all

your burdens, concerns and hurt to Him.  He will heal, restore, forgive and set your free.  Make that

choice today.