July 4 – How lovely – Psalm 84:1-2


These verses are actually the beginning of a modern day chorus used today.  The place of the Lord is a wonderful place to dwell.  There is nothing like being the temple of the Holy Spirit.  For our friends in the States this is the day of independence for them.  They became a nation and a country of freedom.  I love the fact that who the Son sets free is free indeed.  When we realize we are the temple of the Holy Spirit it gives great satisfaction and freedom.  Never let yourself go back into bondage.

Jorah said that His soul, which comprises of his will, intellect and emotions cries out to the living God.  He faints for the presence and beauty of the Lord.  This is the cry of a true worshipper.  His flesh and heart cry out to the living God.  You see Korah saw God as He was.  The living and true God.  He is not an idea, philosophy or religion.  He is the creator of all and the one who can meet any need or situation.  He is the living God and like Korah my prayer for you is that you will cry out to the living God for help, strength and victory today.