July 6 – Vignettes on Prayer

George Mueller is one of my favorite examples of prayer. He was a great man of faith who is estimated to have prayed in 16 million dollars during his lifetime by today’s estimates to support orphans. One time he prayed for a period of 454 days for God to provide the funds for a large project he was going to undertake. Mueller believe that God would supply his needs that he never asked anyone for any help. He also never took on a project until the funds were provided supernaturally. One time he came down from his prayer time to find out that there was no food to feed the children that day. He immediately went back upstairs to pray. He came back down and stated that God had told him the need would be supplied and that the children should be seated for breakfast. As soon as that was done a knock came on the back door of the kitchen. A man with several wagons full of food arrived with food enough for not just breakfast but for a week. He apologized for being late because he and his cooks had spent all night preparing the food and it took longer to load and deliver it. God provided even before Mueller had asked. This is the God we serve. If he can do it for Mueller He can do it for us.