Just Believe

In John 6:28-29. Jesus was asked by His disciples what they must do to do the works the Father requires.  Jesus told them that they simply had to believe in the one the Father sent.  That is a question many people asked today.  What can they do by their own efforts to serve the Lord or get His approval.  To get God’s approval just believe in Jesus Christ.  Let Him be the avenue in which you receive eternal and abundant life.  It is simple faith that allows us this privilege.  To try to add something to your salvation is a rejection of what the Lord has done.  Jesus paid it all.  He gave His life for our salvation.  Paul pointed this out in the book of Romans and Galatians.  Nothing has to be added to Jesus.  He did it all.  Our part is to simply believe and allow this wonderful salvation to be released in our lives and world.  Keep it simple today and serve the Lord based on Jesus and Jesus alone.