Keep Christ in Christmas

This morning I had a very enlightening conversation with one of our listeners about the topic of keeping Christ in Christmas.  I stated, that Am 930 the Light was one station that believed in keeping Christ in Christmas.  Christmas has been diluted to a season of gift giving, Santa Claus, lights and trees.  For the informed it is so much more.  The central focus of this Christian holiday is the birth of Jesus Christ.  I find it amusing to have secular media, political commentators and the politically correct trying to redefine this holiday.  You cannot take the Christ out of Christmas.  He is the main reason for this season.  If you do not like the central message of Christmas then my suggestion is don’t celebrate it.  Take down your tree, turn off your lights,don’t buy another gift and turn off all your favorite T.V. specials.  You will save yourself, time, money, resources and stress.  I love being a Christian because it allows me so many great holidays.  Christmas and Easter to name two.  One celebrates the birth of the Saviour and the other His death.  Here’s my beef in a nutshell.  You do not see secular society or liberal media telling a Moslem, the Hindu, a Bahai or any other major religion how to celebrate their holidays.  So stop trying to tell me how to celebrate mine.  The double standard has to stop. David Suzuki had an interesting ad.  He is pictured as the Grinch talking about climate change.  How true it is.  He like other Grinches, such as School principals, civic leaders and athiestic parents want to redefine Christmas.  My message is clear.  You don’t like it, don’t celebrate it.  I do not have a problem if you don’t.  Just stop trying to rain on my parade.