Keeps an oath

Feb 2 – Psalm 15:4 – Keeps an oath

     David continues on in this verse with the qualities of a godly person.  A godly person will despise those who do evil.  Evil is to the godly person is something to be avoided.  The Godly will honor those who love the Lord.  The reason you do is because you have the same goals, objectives and Saviour.  The godly honors those who respect and fear God, remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Fool either say there is no God or they live like there is no God.

     The godly will always keep an oath or promise.  Even if it cost them something.  Sometimes to keep promise is can hurt or cost a great deal.  The godly never break a promise or an oath.  In the New testament Jesus warns about oaths.  He instead says let you yes, be yes and your no, no.  Be a person of person of your world.  This shows character and honesty.  Be that person today.