Keys of Heaven

In Matt 16:19, Jesus told Peter that he would receive the Keys of the Kingdom and whatever he bound on earth would be bound in heaven whatever he loosed on earth would be loosed in heaven.  The power of prayer is the Key of the Kingdom.  Prayer is the secret of victory in every situation.  No matter what we face the first thing we should do is pray.   I have found over the years of serving the Lord that when I commit something to the Lord His answer does not take very long.   The problem for the average believer is we do not commit our situations to the Lord fast enough..  Or what we do is think that the thing we are facing is too small for the Lord.  Jesus was telling Peter and us to allow the Lord to get involved right away.  The secret of Jesus’ success in life was that He involved the Father in everything He did.  He knew God’s will in the matter and we can as well.  So when you pray bind whatever it is that is bringing defeat and loose victory into the situation.  Let the Lord be your helper and your victory.  You do not have to face anything alone.  The Key is prayer and lots of it.