King of the Jews

In John 19:19, Pilate had these words written on a title or piece of wood on the cross above where Jesus hung, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."  We know that Pilate had these written to annoy the Jewish leaders but reality God was using this sign to announce to all who viewed it that this person was Jesus who came from Nazareth and He was the King of the Jews.  His title was not given to Him by man but by God.  Jesus coming to the earth was God’s idea.  He knew that mankind could not save himself and needed a Savior.  Sin was a manmade creation and it had eternal consequences.  The only one who could solve this manmade and eternal problem was an eternal man.  So God Himself provided the solution.  Jesus who is the eternal man came to die and redeem man.  Jesus was 100% God and a 100% man.  He was God with a face.  The perfect union of the divine and the natural.  The Bible says that He who knew no sin became sin for us.  Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life and then offered His broken Body and shed blood on the cross for our sins.  Jesus knew the price that had to be paid for our sins and He paid for us.  The results of that sacrifice are that we have both eternal and abundant life.  So today take full advantage of this and live your life for the Lord.  Follow Him with every fibre of your being and make a difference in your world.  Introduce as many of friends, relatives and acquaintances to Jesus.  Tell everyone you know.  Be His ambassador in your world.  The world needs to know that they can have eternal and abundant life and He wants to use you to spread the good news of salvation.  Let us do for God’s glory and praise.