Last day of the week.

Friday is always an interesting day.   It is the day that everyone looks forward to because they are ready for the weekend.  We live in a world that believes it deserves the leisure that it gets.  Is this statement true?  I do not disagree that many people work hard and they need time off.  What I do disagree with is the way many of us spend our leisure time.  So much of it is spent on self and what we want.  This is even true among Christians.  I had a very alarming conversation with Dr. Jim Richards about Christian marriages.  He told me that the divorce rate among Christian marriages is higher than the divorce rate among non Christians.  This shocked me.  Then I began to wonder how this could have happen.  Then I decided to ask some of my fellow Christians what they do in their leisure time and this is what prompted this article.  I saw a pattern developing.  Much of our leisure time is spent doing what we want now God.  We watch T.V. play on our computers, do video games, house work, go to movies, hang with the family or veg out.  None of these are wrong in themselves but when all combined in one life maybe not.  I did not hear a lot about Christian service or acts of kindness in my brief research.  I believe we need to get back to the things that matter to God.  Now I can list a rather long list but I believe the best response is to ask God for you.  Ask Him what He wants you to do this weekend and then do it.  It will do you and those around you nothing but good.