Lay your burden down

Chuck Girard back in the 1970’s sang a song called, "Lay your burden’s down."  Our theme on the program today is that.  Jesus called all the people to lay their burdens on Him in Matt 11:28.  He s became known because of that statement as the great burden bearer.  Peter in 1 Pet 5:7 stated, "we were cast all our burden’s on Him."  Burdens are something we all carry from time to time.  They are weights that we have allow ourselves to carry.  Burdens such as fear, discouragement, hurt, bitterness or unforgiveness just to name a few.  These burdens over time can overwelm and even destroy us.  Jesus does not want us to carry these burdens, He came to set us free.  So today whatever your burden is, give it over to Jesus.  Jesus said, His burden is light.  So turn all your cares and discouragements over to Jesus and let Him carry them.  We were designed to have abundant life so the first step to to come to Jesus, release your burdens to Him and then walk free.