Lead us not into Temptation

Lead us not into Temptation – Matt 6:13


Jesus is including this part because temptation is an everyday occurrence.  Temptation is normal but we should not be lead by temptation.  The secret of not being lead by temptation is to avoid it and when it comes to resist it.  The secret of overcoming temptation is praying that God will help you to recognize when it comes. You decide to resist it and defeat it in the future.  Temptation works this way, you see it, it beckons your participation but you see it for what it is, as vehicle for failure.  You resist it until it goes away.  You use the word of God and prayer to overcome it and then you rejoice over its defeat in your life.  This is where having the armour and the hedge of protection around you comes in.  You have the means, power and weapons to defeat any temptation.  Also remember 1 Cor 10:13, it says that temptation is common to man but if you cannot resist it, God will provide a means of escape.  Today be an over comer in the Lord.