Learn of Me

In Matt 11:29, Jesus leaves us with four thoughts today.  First, He encourages us to take that special fitted yoke that He gives.  Each one of us are servants and we have been given a task and a burden to carry.  If you find yourself today being burdened down by things then that is a yoke or task you gave yourself.  The yoke Jesus gives is easy and His burden is light.  Jesus secondly said, "learn of me."  What Jesus was saying is that He will be our role model and mentor.  He will show us how to do things.  If you want a good example of how to live a Christian life just look at Jesus.  No better example has ever been given.  Let us try to be more like Jesus everyday as the old hymn says.  Jesus said, that He was gentle.  The word gentle means to be compassionate, loving and kind.  You put the needs of others before your own.  Jesus said a true friend is one who is willing to lay down their life for a friend.  Jesus did that for us.  He said He was lovely or has a humble heart.  Jesus came in humility.  What a wonderful thought.  Jesus who is the God of the universe came and humbled Himself and became like us.  He served and showed us what true humility was.  I love that scripture that says when you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, He will live you up.  Remember if you want to be great in God’s Kingdom you have to be the servant of all.  Jesus said lastly, that when you come to Him, you will find rest for your soul.  Are you weary, then come to Jesus.  Come to Him today and you will find everything you need.