Leave Your Simple way.

In Prov 9:6, Solomon gives a simple exhortation.  He tells his audience or readers to leave their simple ways.  This means of course their life of sin, foolishenss and folly  to the ways of insight.  To be insightful is knowing that you need God in your life.  You know that God is the answer to all your problems and that He will give you both eternal and abundant life.  Solomon was a man who recognized the power and reality of wisdom.  Wisdom is life skills.  It is knowing what to do with the information that has been provided.  Wisdom is knowing the fear of the Lord is the real issue of life.  Wisdom is asking God and receiving the wisdom that He brings.  Today you have many voices calling for your attention.  Wisdom is also calling and you need to shut out all those other voices and just listen to the voice of God.  Do that and you will leave your simple life and follow the path of insight.