Lend to the Poor

In Prov 19:17, Solomon brings out a great truth, those who are kind to the poor lend to the Lord and He will reward them for what they have done.  This is a great way to create a desire to help others.  Now I know that most of us when we help others are not looking for any reward or benefit, we are just happy to do it.  It makes us feel good and we know we have done the right thing.  Yet here we learn that the Lord is pleseed when we do this.  He is keeping the books and He is going to reward all who give to the poor.  Helping the less fortunate is in the DNA of the Child of God.  One time Mother Theresa was asked how she could minister to the lepers of Calcutta, she said that she looked at them as Jesus is His distressing disguise.  Jesus said in Matt 25, that when we do our gifts of love and charity to others we are doing it to Him.  Think about this, when you are kind to others you are literally doing it to Jesus.  That in it self should be enough motivation.  Solomon stated the obvious.  When you l give to the poor you are lending to the Lord and He will reward you for what you have done.  So today go and minister to others out of love and don’t be surprised when that is given back to you by the Lord.  It is His promise.