Let Nothing Move You

In 1 Cor 15:58, Paul exhorts the Christian to stand firm and let nothing move them.  There are many voices calling for our attention.  Like carnies at a amusement park they are calling for your attention.  They all have a product to sell and they will draw you in.  Like carnies they offer little for much.  Put your money down and you will win a prize.  The problem is that you expend much energy and money to win a tiny prize.  Paul says we are to stand firm and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  You are to give yourself entirely to the work of the Lord.  They is no greater calling or work you could be involved in.  The highest calling according to Larry Lea for example is praying.  You have the great task of reaching others for Christ and you change your world through the power of prayer.  This is a noble and great work.  Another work is telling others.  Nothing is more wonderful than seeing a person come to Christ.  There is no greater joy.  In fact the angels have a party every time a person comes to Christ.  What ever you do for the Kingdom of God you know that you labor is not in vain.  So today get about the business of the work of the Lord and while you do it let nothing move you and stand firm.