Let Your Light

In Matt 5:16, Jesus was teaching the Sermon on the Mount and here He tells his audience and us to let our light shine among all men so that they would see our good works and give glory to our Father in heaven.  In ancient Israel light was the symbol for God and darkness was a symbol for the devil.  Jesus wanted those who knew the Lord to be a light in this dark world.  As a light we show the love, grace, power and love.  Years ago I was in Israel and one night while on the Sea of Galilee it was late and it was dark.  Walking by the sea I saw all the communities around the area brightly lit and it reminded me of this scripture.  Jesus said the outgrowth of this relationship with God is that we would do good works and in turn these works would glorify our Father.  Good works show that we love God because God is good.  James wrote that many people say they have faith but faith must be shown not just talked about.  He said that people would see His faith by what he did.  Today let your light shine for Jesus, do good works and acts of kindness and in this way people will see you have a genuine faith.  This in turn will glorify God.