Yesterday I had the privilege of joining some 2000 people at the Alberta Legislature to talk about the future of education in Alberta.  The gist of the rally was that the Alberta government wants to make all that is taught in this province whether in public, private and home schools to conform to the Alberta Human Rights Acts which contradicts many religious groups values and beliefs.  For example not every one believes that abortion is right., evolution is the origin of man and the gay and lesbian lifestyle is morally correct,  Up to this point it has been the responsibility of parents and family to decide these things for themselves.  If this new act comes into place that right will be lost despite the assurances of the education minister.  The 2000 people who were at the rally believed this was a last stand for individual and parental rights and values to be protected.  Free speech, individual and parental rights have been a cornerstone of our society.  Now this government wants to change all that.  It is time for you as a citizen to let your voice be heard.  I made mine heard yesterday and today through this blog.  Next, the Human rights act will outlaw the Bible because it speaks directly against certain sins that the Human Rights Acts says are O.K.  Here is a thought, just because certain segments of society have said something is o.k. or even a human right does not mean it is.  Until recently parents have been able to teach that sin is sin and certain values held by others were not right.  If the Alberta government has its way that may not be true any more.  Say something before it is to late.  Email or phone your MLA before it is to late.