Light and Darkness

May 29 – Light and darkness – Rom 13:13-14

Vs 13 – Paul once again uses the imagery of light and darkness.  Light represents good

and darkness for evil.  Paul then lists some the things that God views as evil.  Sexual sins,

drunkenness, bad living, broken relationships, strife and divisions.  Those who walk in

the light do things that are open and transparence.  Evil people cause jealousy and

divisions wherever they go.  

Vs 14 – Paul closes this chapter with exhorting his readers to cloth themselves with the

Lord Jesus Christ.  Make sure you have your amour, prayer life, bible reading,

attendance to God’s house and testimony bring honor praise and glory to the Lord.  Do

not think how you can gratify the flesh.  Thinking about doing something is the first step

on a long road of being close to God.  As you think so goes your life.  Paul is warning

about unrighteous living and exhorting his ready to love Godly love for the praise and

glory of God.