Lips of the Wise

In Prov 14:3, Solomon writes that a fool lashes out with pride but the lips of the wise protect them.  Solomon knew that people react because they are reacting out of basic instinct.  There was a study done years ago about why people do what they do.  According to the study there are five basic streams or expressions of responses people give.  There is fight, flight, self worth, security or significance.  Yet if you notice these five basic expressions of life there is one motivation behind them all and that is pride.  Pride makes people want to fight or run.  Pride makes people want to have security, show they have value or are significant.  The question that comes into play here, can pride be regulated or channeled?  I say yes.  It can when it is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We can find our desire to fight for example channeled into fighting for the right of those who do not have a voice.  We can run to the Lord when we are fearful or not sure about life.  We can find our security in Christ.  He promised to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory.  We can have our need for significance and self worth met when we know that in Christ we can become all things through Him.  Jesus Christ came to give us eternal and abundant life.  He came to meet and enhance mankind’s basic needs.  The wise has their tongue controlled by the Lord.  The fool controls His own.  Today turn your tongue, thoughts, actions, motives and attitudes over to the Lord and let Him show His glory through you.