Live Loud

Romans 2:27-29 – Live Loud


Vs 27 – They can accuse and condemn you of being a law breaker if you do not keep the requirements and written code of the law.  Paul is saying actions speak louder than words.  Being a Jew is of great value if you keep the requirements of the law but none if you do not keep the law.


Vs 28 – Paul then puts it clear and precise.  A person is not a Jew if only outwardly and circumcision is of no value it is only physical.  The heart makes a person a Jewish inwardly and outwardly.

Vs 29 – A person is a true Jew when their heart has been circumcised inwardly by the Holy Spirit and not a written code. God will praise them and exalt them.  Rules, traditions, ceremonies, regulations and physical marks may get men’s praise but not God’s.