Longing of the Soul

 In Psalm 107:9, David tells how the Lord will satisfy the longing of the soul.  He will bring good things into their lives.  How is your soul today?  Do you long for the things of God?  Do you want His plan and will for your life?  If you do then the promise David gives today is for you.  The Lord loves to have people seek Him first because He wants to add all things into their lives.  The problem today is that so many are satified with the temporal things of this life.  They like the possessions and toys of this life.  The reality is that these things pass away.  Recently I was de-cluttering my house.  Getting rid of things that had accumulated over the years.  I was amazed at how much stuff I really had.  I took car loads of things to either the thrift store or the garbage.  Things that years ago seemed so important but now appear as nothing but junk or throw away.  God wants to give you good things but condition of your reception is you longing and hungering for them.  His promise for you today is that if you are hungry or thirsty for the things of God you will be filled and your thirst shall be quenched.  I hope you want all God has for you.  If you do the promise is that you will have it.  So receive your promise today.