Look what I have done

   A mother was preparing dinner when her young son came running into the kitchen excited about his latest discovery.  "Mommy, Mommy," he said excitedly, "Look what I have found."  She looked over her shoulder half heartedly because she was in the middle of mashing the potato’s.  Not really looking she replied, "Yes, Johnny that is nice." Go into the bathroom and wash your hands for dinner."  He said, "O.K. Mommy, I will put it in my room,"  He walked off carrying his prize.     Not long after, the rest of the family came in for dinner.  They all sat down and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and talk about many things around the table.  Finally Johnny said, "You are not going to believe what I found today.  When Mommy saw it she said it was nice."  "Can I show everyone Mommy?  John asked.  "Maybe later" said his Mom, "right now we are having pie."  Which of course brought a chorus of cheers.     Later as everyone was clearing the table and starting the dishes.  John came into the room.  He was carrying his prize in a little box.  His brother George said, "What is in the box?"  Johnny replid, "What I found this afternoon and Mommy said it was nice."  George said, "let me see it."  Johnny opened the box and out jumped a field mouse which immediately sent all the females in the house including Mom up on chairs screaming.  Mom immediately started screaming, "Catch that thing and get it out of this house immediately."  "But Mommy," protested Johnny,  "You said that he was nice this afternoon."   She screamed back, "I was not looking this afternoon, now get that thing out of this house."  Well Johnny and George did catch the mouse and removed it from the house.   After everything had settled down, "Mommy took Johnny aside and said, "Johnny I was so busy this afternoon I did not take time to see what you were doing and I am sorry,  I will try not to do it again."  George piped off to the side, "Well I will say one thing, I have not seen this much activity around for a while here."   Take time to notice things first because it could save a little trouble later