Look what the Lord has done

Look what the Lord has done – Rom 15:18-19

Vs 18 – Paul was humble in this verse.  If he is going to boast of an accomplishments it will be of what the Lord has done through Him in leading the Gentiles to obey God.  He has done this through words and deed.  We are the Bible that most people will read.  Let us pray that our copy does not contain too many flaws.

Vs 19 – Paul has accomplished His task through three means, by signs, miracles though the power of the Holy Spirit.  He has done this task from Jerusalem to many parts of the empire.  His mission has been to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is simply following God’s plan for His life.  I trust that will be our same goal and aim.  There is an old hymn that states, “Oh too be your hand extended.”  Mother Theresa one time was asked by a reporter how she could minister to the leper in Calcutta.  She responded, “I do it because I want to be the hand of the Lord in a dark place.”  I trust that will be your prayer and motive as well.