Lord Help Me

In Matt15:24 a Canaanite woman knelt before Jesus and asked Him to heal her child.  Jesus of course did help and heal her child.  Interesting fact is that the two people who exhibited the most faith in Jesus’ day were two non Jews.  In both cases they knew that they did not deserve Jesus’ help but they also knew that He was the only one who could help them.  What they displayed was absolute trust in His ability to meet their need.  When you ask the Lord for help believe that you will receive and it will be given unto you.  That is what Jesus said.  It is time for us to get desperate about our needs.  In Canada we have everything we need so the problem is that we are not desperate about our needs.  In countries around the world there are many people who do not even know where their next meal is going to come from.  So they asked God for things and miracles happen over and over again.  God wants to do more for you that you can ask or even imagine. (Eph 3:20).  What you need to do is ask.  James 4:2, says you have not because you ask not.  When the Canaanite woman asked for her child to be healed she knew that only Jesus could heal and so she was persistent.  She refused to leave Jesus’ presence until she got what she asked for.  She was willing to meet any condition or do anything He asked.  She wanted her daughter to be well.  What is it you need from God?  Do not give up until your answer comes.  Hold on and keep asking.  Walk in faith and stay on the matter until God comes through and brings your victory.  Be like the Canaanite woman and the Centurion they got their answer and you will get yours.