Lord is with you.

In Isaiah 52:12, there is a promise that a Christian will not be in haste or flight.  Wherever we go the Lord will be with us.  He will be on our right hand and He will be our rear guard.  That means the Lord will protect and keep us in what ever stage of life we find ourselves.  There are times of great joy and sadness.  There are times of victory and defeat.  He was with us when we were young and He will be with us when we are old.  He will be with us in times of loss and discouragement.  The Lord will never leave or forsake us.  His constant care is upon us.  Jesus made it very clear in Matt 28:20, that He would never leave or forsake us.  He also gave the invitation in Matt 11:28, to come and lay all our burdens on Him.  He has been called the Great Burden Bearer.  So today lay all your burdens and cares on Him and He will care for you.  He will help you through out whatever you are facing today.  Another very important tuth is that the Lord will always lay you upon someone’s heart and they will be praying for you.  God will bring Himself and others in your life as you trust in Him.  So trust Him.