Lose weight … eat an apple!

We talked about  eating right Monday morning on "The Morning Show".  Here are some interesting ways to shed the pounds;

Eating an apple just 15 minutes before a meal can help dieters lose weight. A study published in the journal appetite found that folks who snacked on an apple ate 15% less if they were given a plate full of food afterward. But while eating apples cut their calorie intake, drinking apple juice made no difference. Researchers believe this is because the fruit contains fibrous bulk that suppresses appetite. (Globe)    If you want to lose weight, try putting more curry in your food. The spice tumeric, a main ingredient in curry, has an active ingredient that seems to reduce obesity by inhibiting the growth of blood vessels that nourish new fat tissue. The magic substance in curcumin, a plant based chemical that is easily absorbed into the body. And in a study at Tufts University in Boston, lab mice fed a high fat diet showed how well it works. Half got 500 milligrams of curcumin added to their food, and at the end of the 12 week session they would up weighing less that the other group. Researchers found that the lighter mice grew fewer blood vessels and also had lower cholesterol. "Weight gain is the result of growth and an expansion of fat tissue, which cannot happen unless blood vessels form," says senior researcher Mohsen Meydani. "Based on our data, curcumin suppresses that activity."