Love – Matt 5:46-48


Jesus continues His teaching on love.  If we love only people who love us what reward will you have.  Even the sinner does that.  Love is easily returned when people love you.  It is much more difficult to love the unlovely.  Also if you honor only those who honor you than you have done no more than what others who live the world do.

Jesus then gives a powerful and difficult exhortation.  He says be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.  This perfection He is talking about is being perfect, un-bias, no strings attached when you deal with people.  Love, bless, do good and pray for those who are your enemy.  This is what God does.  His love is un fettered by personal slanders or shallow fear, anger or rejection.  Do this and you are like your Father in heaven.

One translation says we are to holy as the Lord is Holy.  This mean to be separated from human outlook and adopt a divine outlook on people and situation.  Attempt to see things the way God does.