Love Righteousness

April 24 – Love Righteousness – Psalm 45:7

     Another one of the psalms written by the Sons of Korah.  It was set to music to show the beauty of God and creation.  The psalmist encourages his readers to love righteousness and hate wickedness.  This is one of the secrets to promotion.  The Lord is righteous and so righteousness is his trademarks.  When you are upright and blameless one of the things that make you stand out is the joy of the Lord.  Joy Is deep seated contentment.  It is more than happiness which is based on circumstances and emotions.  Joy is based in the knowledge that your future is secure and that nothing can move you from peace and inner contentment.  The Lord is the only one who truly gives this moment by moment.  So today let the Lord give you love, righteousness and joy.