Lying always has consequences

A lie has no legs, it has to have other lies to support it.  Abraham had moved to the city of Gerar in Philistia.  When Abraham moved to the city he told the king that Sarah was his sister.  He was telling the truth but it was still a lie because Sarah was also his wife.  Deception always leads to problems.  Abimelech who was the king saw that Sarah was beautiful and he took her to live in his house.  God in a dream warned Abimelech that if he did not return Sarah to Abraham that He would kill him.  Abimelech did what God told him.  He was furous with Abraham because he almost committed adultery with Sarah.  Abraham explained that he was afraid that someone would kill him to marry Sarah his wife.  It was fear that made Abraham deceive Abimelech.  Yet this deception almost became tragic.  Lying anytime is wrong.  If brings terrible results when exposed.  Feellings are hurt and people feel cheated.  Trust has been broken.  Our word should be our strongest asset.  Don’t destroy by lying.