Make every effort

Paul says that we are to make every efforr to walk in peace and unity.  We are also to make every efort to work for mutual edification.  This is such a great word for us today.  Jesus called us to be His insrtuments of peace and love.  Love what shows we are His disciples.  Christians are called to be instruments of righteous, peace and joy.  This is what the Kingdom is all about.  Today you and I have the opportunity to be instruments of blessing to those in our world.  I know I talk about influence in our world’s because that is the heart and soul of what God has shown me.  Today is the only day that we have.  In fact the reality is that we may not even make it through this day.  I know that kinds of morbid but it actually should be a  motivator for each of us to make sure we are right with God and those in our world.  So today be an ambassador for Jesus Christ and let your life line up with His and be an instrument for His praise and glory.