Make Things Right

In Matt 5:23-24. Jesus now teaches on what we need to do about making things right with the Lord and with others.  He says when you are about to present an offering to the Lord and while you are there and you remember that your or you brother has something against you before you offer that gift to make it right.  Often it is during these times of worship the Lord reminds us of unforgiveness or offenses that need to be dealt with.  There is a story about an Indian chief who had wronged another man.  He had become a Christian and when he saw this man he immediately made it right with his enemy and the result was that most of his tribe came to know Jesus.  Our example can lead others in the same path of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Your promises are Matt 6:33, John 17, 1 John 4:7-8.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  The person who encourages brings life to the bones, the one to criticizes brings death to the soul.  Children are the best and the worst of their parents which always come out when the parent doesn’t want it to happen.