Make your stand

Make you stand – Rom 14:23

Vs 24 – If a person has doubts about what they are doing than they are not walking in faith for anything that is not of faith is sin.  James says if we know what to do is right and we do not do it, it is sin.  Paul is saying if you have doubts about something pray, read God’s word, ask the Holy Spirit, seek counsel of wise leaders about it.  Then once you have your answer stand in it approved and pleasing to God.   God has no called us to walk in confusion but conviction.  Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty recently did an interview where he stated that the problem with modern society is that we have no standards and convictions.  One man wrote, “If you have no morals you have no place to fall from.”  God has given us His word has a guide and place for moral standards.  For the Christian the Bible is our final authority on faith and practice.  If you have no morals then you will never be attacked for having some.