Making a Name

Making a name for yourself is not always the best thing.  In Gen 11:4 , that was the catch phrase of the people of Babel.  People have always been trying to make a name for themselves.  There is a desire for fame and fortune in every person.  Haman was the Prime Minister in Medo-Persia during the reign of Queen Esther wanted to make a name for himself.  All the people of the kingdom except Mordecai bowed down to him.  Since Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman, Haman hated him so much that he was willing to put a whole nation to death to satisfy his wounded pride.  God says that whoever exalts himself will be humbled and that is what happened to Haman.  His ambition led to his own death.  God teaches us that the way to be great in God’s kingdom is to be the servant of all.  Remember to have a heart of a servant and not to look to make a name for youself.  Our Bible verses today talk about agreement a wonderful concept where you and God come into agreement with what you are going to do with your life.  Amos 3:3, Jonah 3:3, Matthew 18:19, Acts 4:24, 31 and 12:5.  Be blessed today.