Man with a message.

In Amos 1:1, we meet Amos the Full Gospel Businessman of the Old Testament.  Amos was a shepherd, farmer and rancher.  He was a man who lived in a little town called Tekoa, not far from the Dead Sea.  This background formed his message and he spoke from this perspective.  God called Amos to preach to the people of Israel about their sin.  He combined his preaching call with a business trip and he went to Bethel and gave his message.  It was clear message of judgment but also a message of hope.  If the people would turn back to the Lord, He would restore them.  If they failed they would be destroyed.  This message in duration was no more than three weeks but it had a lasting impression on the people.  God wants to use His people no matter who you are or what professsion.  Who knows maybe you will change the course of a nation.  Your promises today are:  2 Sam 22:31, Ps 25:2, 37:3-5, 40:4, Isaiah 12:2, 1 Thess 2:4 and Rom 8:15.  Your insightful sayings are:  Remember when you are facing adversity, your attitude at the beginning helps determine the outcome at the end.  Waiting is providential discipline for those who have been given a great task.