Mary and Jesus

Mary and Jesus –  John 20:13-17     This is a very interesting account.  Mary had just talked with the angels about where they had taken Jesus and she turns around and there He is.  At first she thinks He is a gardener.  She asks Him if He had taken the body.  She wanted Him to show her the body so she could go and get it.  Then Jesus spoke and immediately she recognized Him and called Him master.  It appears she made an attempt to cling onto Him.  He told her that she could not because He had not ascended.  She would have kept Him there to herself.  He then told her to go and tell the others.  He then told her that He was going to back to His Father.  He then called His Father her Father, and His God and her God.  Jesus made it clear that because of the resurrection Mary and us have a new relationship with God.  He is our Father and our God.  Scholar have struggled with this passage because it indicates that Jesus was about to go back to His Father or He would ascend a second time later.  One thing is clear that Mary wanted to keep Jesus there but Jesus did make it clear that He had other things to do.  A good lesson we can learn from this is that our relationship with the Lord is an evolving thing.  It will always change as we get to know Him better and see how God wishes for us to know Him better and as our faith deepens.