Mary and Martha

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus was in Bethany when Martha opened her home to Jesus.  Mary was at Jesus’ feet listening to Him teach.  Martha was busy doing housework and getting the meal ready.  She became very annoyed that Mary was not helping and asked Jesus to get Mary to help her.  Jesus told her that she was worried about many things.  He then told her the most important thing was to listen to Him which Mary had chosen to do.  This would not be taken from her.  The lesson we can learn is to not to get worried over the small things and miss the real things of life and that those things have to do with Christ.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 68:19, 103:3, 107:2, 147:3, Isaiah 61:3, Matt 8:17, Rom 8:1 & James 5:15.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Most idols are not made of material one can see but by things we cannot see which are hid in the heart.  Bitterness is one thing that rots from the inside out.