Mary at the Tomb

Mary and Mary Magdalene at the Tomb – Matt 27:59-61     This event is note worthy because four things that happened.  First, Joseph took Jesus’ body and wrapped in a clean linen cloth.  As we learned yesterday that he and Nicodemus wrapped the body in linen stripes in the custom of Jewish burials.  He then took the linen cloth and wrapped the body in it.  Matthew leaves Nicodemus out of the account.  Next, the tomb Joseph used was his own which he had cut of the rock.  Joseph gave his own tomb.  Joseph gave his best in a last act of worship for Jesus.  Thirdly he rolled a large stone in front of the tomb.  This was to keep the body in and raiders out.  The last noteworthy item is the fact that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting there across from the tomb.  This is not worthy because they would go the tomb on Sunday Morning.  They wanted to know where Jesus was.  Do you know where Jesus is?  Do you know what He wishes to do in your life?  Be like the two Mary’s and wanted to be as close to Jesus as you can.