A Mature man

A Mature Man Psalm 112


This psalm describes a mature man.  This teaching that we will look at today was given by Dave Lagore of Calgary Christian Centre.

  1.  A mature man’s children are mighty in the Lord and are blessed.  Vs 2
  2.  Wealth, riches and righteousness are part of his house.  Vs 3
  3.  The light of righteousness shines, for the gracious, compassionate and righteous man.

Vs 4

  1.  Good will come when he lends freely and is honest and just in his affairs.  He won’t

be shaken.  He will be remembered forever.  Vs 5

  1.  No bad news will cause him to fear, he will trust in the Lord.   He is secure and will

Triumph over his foes.  Vs 7-8

  1.  He gives to the poor, his righteousness endures forever and he will be honoured.  Vs 9