Micah Message

Micah Message – 1:7 & 5:13),


    Micah was a true prophet he saw the evil of the day and spoke against it.  He spoke against idolatry, (1:7 & 5:13).  He saw the evil plans of men and reveal it for what it was.  He exposed evil and their devices.  We need to see and know how the enemies of God work.  (2:1)

    Micah exposed the nation to their covetousness (2:2), and Greed, (3:2-11.  Today we call it capitalism.  Greed in any form will eventually destroy those who follow its design.  You will never get enough or be satisfied.  

    Micah showed that witchcraft is rebellion without the confrontation.  You try to control people without ever facing them.  (5:12) He also spoke against dishonesty.  Truth is truth and must be exalted or a society will be based on lies and a lies has no legs it needs other lies to hold it up.  (6:10-12),

    Micah spoke against inward corruption, (7:2-4), and treachery (7:5-6)  All these issues at from a heart that is evil and must be reformed by the Lord or else we will eventually face His judgment.