Mo of the devil

MO of the Devil – 1 Cor 8:5-6

Vs 5 – Paul says that though there are so called gods in heaven and on earth they are small deities created either through the imagination of man or the work of demons. These so called gods or lords are spiritual beings who follow satan and have only one agenda, to rob, kill and destroy. They want to divert worship from God to themselves. It is what they need to prove too themselves they have worth and power. They have been separated from God and are eternally damned. Their sole goal is now to attack and the God who banished them from heaven because of their disobedience.
Vs 6 – Paul points out to the Corinthians for them and himself there is only one God. The Christian is monotheistic in their world view. We serve the living God. He is our Father. He is in whom all things have come from and for whom we now exist. He is the reason why we live now. Our sole purpose is to do His will and live for Him. We have traded our loyalty from satan to God. Jesus Christ is our one Lord. He like the Father are the ones in whom we live and have our being. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit participate in our lives now. The will of God is now our sole reason for living.